Jewellery Care

We understand how important your precious memorial jewellery piece is to you, so with this in mind we have provided advice on how to look after your jewellery so that it remains in beautiful condition.

Our jewellery is crafted from materials such as 925 Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel.  All jewellery will tarnish over time and with this in mind, we supply all of our pieces with an extra protective coating to help combat and slow down the tarnishing process.  We also provide a FREE polishing cloth with every purchase to bring back the shine and originality in the event that your jewellery does become slightly tarnished or discoloured.  In the event that the recommended advice is not followed it could result in a repair or even a complete remake of your jewellery, which will incur a fee.

1) Remove jewellery when doing housework

Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products, including washing up liquids will damage the finish of your jewellery piece instantly. including both the metal and our special jewellery grade polymer.  Especially rings, which can be easily bent or scratched.

2) Remove when swimming

Chlorine found in swimming pools and salt in sea water can break down the compositions of both metal and our special polymer used to hold your inclusions. 

3) Remove when showering and bathing

Removing all jewellery when showering or bathing will avoid tarnishing of the metal.  The products used when bathing and showing such as shower gel, soaps, hand wash, hair products will severely damage our special polymer.

4) Remove when applying perfume or lotions

We recommend applying lotions and perfumes before putting on jewellery.  Please let perfumes and lotions fully dry into your skin before wearing your jewellery.  Do not spray on our jewellery as this will severely damage our special polymer.

5) Remove when sunbathing

Strong UV rays and strong heat from the sun can damage the finish of your jewellery, including our special polymer.

6) Take care when wearing your jewellery

As with all jewellery if you knock, drop, scrape your jewellery piece it will tarnish the metal.  Our special polymer is very strong and durable and can withstand a certain amount of wear and tear, however over time it can wear if continuous care is not taken.