Memorial Jewellery

Cremation Ashes jewellery
Ashes, Hair & Fur
Cremation Jewellery
Remembering loved ones and pets
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Personalised engraved handwriting and print jewellery
Personalised Engraved
Memorial Jewellery
Capturing handwriting and prints of loved ones and pets
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A beautiful collection of memorial jewellery in remembrance of loved ones and pets.  Your precious jewellery is made to order in our UK studio and is made with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure your jewellery is the best it can be in honour of the person or pet whom has passed away. From stunning cremation ashes jewellery including necklaces, rings, charms, lockets, cufflinks and bracelets to carefully made personalised engraved jewellery for  fingerprints, handwriting, handprints, footprints and paw prints.