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Special Memorial Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Losing your mum or a beloved mother figure can be extremely painful and as Mothers Day approaches considering the thought of gifts may be the last thing on your mind. However, remembrance gifts can help to bring comfort, knowing that you hold a piece of your beloved mum with you, or remember a beautiful memory, whether that be in memorial jewellery, memory bears, preserved flowers, photographs or a special place.

You may be feeling that it is too soon to contemplate the idea of gifts for mothers day and that is ok.  Ultimately, it is important that you find peace and comfort and when you are ready you may then decide you would like to have a sentimental keepsake created for you and for others who also knew that special lady in your life.

Ideas for remembrance gifts

Tell a story with a special photo album of Mum

Photo albums are a beautiful way to tell mums story.  From her baby photos, as a young child, getting married, having children to being a grandparent or even great-grandparent.  The beauty of photos tells a unique story and also provides you with an insight of the wonderful things she had experienced in her life.

Creating A Memory Bear

Memory bears are becoming a very popular choice as a remembrance gift and there are a handful of specialised companies out there that create these adorable little bears with ashes or a piece of hair safely placed inside.  Not only can you choose to have a cuddly bear made with hair or ashes, there are also creative artisans who will make a unique bear using special piece of clothing, so something that your mother used to wear often, her favourite skirt, blouse, jumper. 

A Piece Of Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is also becoming a popular choice that many people are now considering when looking for sentimental keepsakes which can be jewellery made with ashes, jewellery made with hair, engraved jewellery, handwriting or fingerprint jewellery, a photo necklace.  Here at Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery we can create memorial jewellery by preserving ashes and hair inside.


Other ways to remember your beloved Mum

A Family Gathering

Family is so important, so gathering the family together to remember your mum can create such special memories for you and also for your family members.  The family can exchange wonderful stories about your mum, helping to bring some joy and comfort hearing about her life.  Make a special meal, maybe your mums favourite, or your favourite that your mum used to make.  You can even make this a yearly event.

Plant A Tree Or shrub

Planting a tree or shrub in remembrance of your mum in a special location where you and your family can visit anytime is a wonderful idea.  Maybe plant her favourite tree or shrub. 

Visiting A Special Location

Is there a special place where you mum used to love to visit.  Maybe you remember visiting this special place with your mum, a holiday destination, a walking route etc.  By visiting this special location can bring back nostalgia and the wonderful memories you both shared together.


It may seem a little strange to say 'senses' as a way to bring comfort, however smell and taste are two of our most valuable assets and attributes to memory.  When we smell and taste, our brains link these senses to events, times, favourite foods etc, so spraying the perfume or cooking the foods your mum loved can bring back comforting memories and inner feelings that you felt when being with your mum.

There are some wonderful suggestions which we hope you will find helpful, however, ultimately, do whatever you feel will bring you comfort on Mothers Day. x

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