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How To Choose Memorial Jewellery as the Perfect Father's Day Gift

Do you often struggle to find the perfect gift for your dad on Father's Day?

No more throw away gifts.  With a piece of memorial jewellery you can create the absolute keepsake that your dad or even grandad can treasure forever.

Our Father's Day gift idea post will highlight why and how you should choose our memorial jewellery as the perfect gift for dad, grandad, or even a remembrance gift for someone special to commemorate a beloved dad.

When is Fathers Day

Fathers Day usually occurs on the third Sunday in June within the UK and within other countries around the world.  In 1909 Fathers Day was first thought up by Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to commemorate Fathers aswell as Mothers, whilst he was celebrating Mothers Day at his local church in Washington, USA.  It wasn't until 1972 that Fathers Day became officially celebrated and is now a known celebration all around the world.

Why is memorial jewellery the best choice for Father's Day

Memorial gifts are in no means 'throw away' gifts.  They hold so much sentimental value to the wearer and is the one gift that will be remembered forever as the 'best gift i've ever been given'.  Memorial jewellery are mainly associated with jewellery made with ashes or hair, imprints, special engravings with messages, signatures, photos and handwriting in memory of a loved one who has passed.

Whilst predominantly many businesses of memorial jewellery solely offer options only for women, which creates a struggle for men to also possess a truly sentimental gift, Nicky Robin have included a range of memorial keepsakes specifically for men, so gifting in that extra special way for dad, brother, grandad, uncle is no longer such an issue.  Our range of memorial ashes jewellery includes cufflinks, rings, pendants, tie pins and tie slides that is just 'for him' allowing men to experience the same feelings and reactions as women when receiving a precious memorial gift containing ashes, hair or a special engraved message.

How to choose and order the correct memorial jewellery for my dad.

Choosing the correct memorial jewellery design and style is something that many people do struggle with.  Please don't be discouraged as you are not alone in this.  It is not only the decision to choose memorial jewellery as a gift, but also the decision and apprehension of sending ashes to a company if choosing ashes jewellery.  Here at Nicky Robin, we ensure that inclusions such as ashes and hair are kept safe and secure until we require them to be made into your chosen memorial keepsake.  Each piece of jewellery is individually crafted to ensure there is no cross contamination and all workstations are thoroughly cleaned after each make.  We only use a small requirement to place within jewellery and any unused ashes or hair is returned back to you.  After ordering from us, a special pack is sent out to you with full instructions on sending inclusions back to us, included is a secure next day returns package and all completed orders are also sent to you using a tracked and secure method for peace of mind.

When trying to decide on the best piece of jewellery for your dad or grandad this Father's Day, consider what their jewellery preference would be, a ring, cufflinks, pendant and then there is the best metal to choose from, Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Gold and so on...once you have decided on the design of jewellery and metal, choose his favourite colour.  At Nicky Robin we offer 20 stunning colours within our memorial ashes jewellery collections.

We provided a step by step guide within each product to help you along the ordering process and also a 'how to order' section with full details.  We also offer full support via our online contact us page.  Please drop us a message if you require guidance and we will be happy to help.

If you are in fact looking for something a little different, something sentimental, something unique when deciding on the perfect gift for Fathers Day, considering memorial jewellery is the place to start.  Wouldn't you agree?

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