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First Christmas Without A Loved One

For most people Christmas is a joyous occasion with celebration, gifts and family gatherings.  However not everyone can enjoy Christmas in quite the same way as they usually would do after losing a dear loved one.  There will always be a sense of sadness and Christmas isn't quite the same.

We have heard said many times that the first of any celebration, including Christmastime is the most difficult to get though after losing a loved one.  It's not only the great sense of loss, but the atmosphere surrounding the season, a sense of guilt to grieve whilst others may be enjoying the day and a lack of 'want' to try and enjoy this time.  All these feelings are perfectly normal and are part of the grieving process.

It is ok to not be ok and the people around you will understand and empathise.   


Ways to help you cope over Christmas

  • Talking to friends and family about your loved one, remembering the happy times and sharing happy memories together may help to bring some comfort.
  • Looking through old photos together.
  • Having a cry to relieve stress you may be feeling.
  • Asking friends and family to write the things they loved about that person.  Something you can cherish and look upon in times of comfort.
  • Seeking the services of grief counsellors.
  • Creating a beautiful memorial keepsake.



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