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Ashes Jewellery vs Self Fill Urn Jewellery

Looking for a piece of memorial jewellery to remember your loved one or beloved pet? but are confused about the options out there.  We have written this blog post to try and help you to understand the differences between what is meant by Ashes Jewellery and Self Fill Urn Jewellery so you are happy with the decision you make.


Ashes Jewellery

When we hear about ashes jewellery immediately we think about cremation ashes placed inside a piece of jewellery, but how are they stored?, what options are there out there and what materials are they made of.  There are so many questions regarding this type of jewellery.  We will give you our take based on our expertise and experiences crafting ashes jewellery to safely hold ashes permanently inside a piece of jewellery.

Here at Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery, we handcraft ashes jewellery using quality materials such as Sterling Silver and occasionally stainless steel.  When deciding on stainless steel pieces we always ensure that they are of surgical grade quality to avoid rusting and fading.  Our Sterling silver pieces are all purchased from reputable manufacturers with many pieces designed by us from our own sketches and preferences.  Many of our future designs will incorporate feedback styles from our customers and potential customers, so watch out for those.

Our ashes jewellery pieces are carefully and respectfully crafted in-house by us using special grade jewellery polymer to permanently set ashes inside the jewellery settings.  We offer the options to showcase the ashes ontop of your chosen base colour or hide them within and then apply a protective clear top coat to seal everything inside permanently.

The method of creating ashes jewellery does take longer than other methods, as we require the ashes to be sent to us before we can make your jewellery.  Everything is provided for you from placing your order we will post out an inclusions pack which contains full instructions, a capsule and a prepaid returns envelope.  Once we receive the inclusions it will take approximately 7-10 days for us to craft your piece and delivery back to you. Any unused ashes, hair and fur will be returned to you with your completed order.

We are also able to create this type of cremation jewellery using ashes, hair or fur, whereas other types may be limited.


Self Fill Ashes Urn Jewellery

This cremation jewellery is as the name suggests being self fill, meaning you are able to fill them yourselves if you prefer not to part with your loved ones or pets ashes.  These are beautifully designed mini urns which can be found in Sterling silver and stainless steel.  They are manufactured to hold cremation ashes inside and only a tiny few grains can be placed within them and there is a reason for this.  Each piece of cremation urn jewellery is made of a solid construction to house the ashes so the weight of these are slightly heavier than your average necklace weight.  Placing a tiny few grains of ashes inside will avoid overfill and keep an acceptable weight so it remains comfortable to wear your urn jewellery without risks of putting pressure on the necklace chains etc.  There are a few designs of urn necklaces that are made of glass and are usually designed with a larger accessible compartment to place ashes inside, keeping the weight constraint to a comfortable fit.

With a Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery self fill cremation ashes urn jewellery you will receive the appropriate tools and instructions to assist in placing the ashes inside.

Our self fill jewellery also has a quicker delivery time as we do not require the ashes from you, so therefore we can dispatch your jewellery urn much quicker than our custom crafted ashes pieces. 


Whatever memorial jewellery piece you decide on, we hope this blog has been informative and helped you in making your decision.  It really is all about personal preference and only you can decide what the best and most comfortable option is for you.

Wishing you peace and warmth

Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery x

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