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Why Memorial Jewellery is the Ultimate Keepsake

Losing a loved one is never easy but having a memento of them after they’ve passed away is one of the best ways to keep their memory alive. If you are already familiar with memorial jewellery, then feel free to browse our selection of products including our specialised ashes jewellery right away. For those wondering what makes this unique style of jewellery such a special keepsake, read on…

A Creative Way To Remember

There are lots of different ways to remember the people we love after they have passed on, and your own choice will be a highly personal one. For many, the option to wear jewellery which incorporates either the ashes or hair of the deceased is a creative and memorable way to keep them close and has also been a popular choice of memorial keepsake over the past few years.

There are options for both men and women in our ashes collection which span everything from ashes rings to ashes locketsnecklaces made from ashes , crafting ashes into earrings and cremation ashes charms – ensuring that whatever your jewellery preference, you’ll be able to find something to match.

A Sentimental Gift

Not only can you purchase a piece of memorial jewellery for yourself, but for others who want to remember the deceased. This is a beautiful way to carry a little part of the person you’ve lost with you, whilst also enjoying a highly decorative piece of wearable art in the process.

These gifts are sure to be cherished by anyone who has a love of fine jewellery, but the sentimental edge of memorial pieces ensures they have an added, secret meaning to the wearer.

Your Ashes Jewellery Crafted With Love

In addition to being highly creative, at Nicky Robin we craft all of our ashes jewellery using cremation ashes, hair or fur, ensuring that the personal touch is woven into every piece we make.

Not only are these items each available in a choice of beautiful colours, but the jewellery at Nicky Robin is also highly resilient, with a UV resistant polymer seal which prevents the pieces from fading over time.

As an added touch, every piece also comes complete with a branded gift box and a certificate of authenticity, as well as a polishing cloth to help the jewellery keep its lustre. We know how important it is that our handmade jewellery is both beautiful and long-lasting, whilst also showing great respect during the process of making the items themselves.

There is no piece of jewellery quite so personal, and our approach goes hand in hand with the ethos behind cremation jewellery and memorial jewellery.

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