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Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time to Remember Loved Ones

There are many times throughout the year when we really feel the loss of a loved one. Whether their funeral only took place recently or you scattered their ashes in their favourite spot many months or years ago, you never forget them. These feelings ease over time but those special days throughout the year can bring that grief and loss flooding back.
Naturally, there are birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas’s that pass and these are days when things can prove tough but what about Valentine’s Day? This is a day that takes place each year and it is a time when couples and individuals show their love and appreciation to others.
While it might be a day that brings sadness, you could turn it into a day of remembrance and a day of appreciation even though your loved one is no longer with you. So, how can you do this?
Do Something You Both Enjoyed
Whether it was a special spot, a place you liked to walk or even a restaurant you used to visit together, you can use these to your advantage on Valentine’s Day. Doing something special will enable you to remember your loved one. Furthermore, it would be even more special if you can enjoy it with others. So book a table for a family lunch if possible and talk about the memories and good times.
Embrace the Day
Take a visit to their grave or the place where you scattered their ashes. You can leave flowers and just spend time in the presence of peace, serenity and memories. It’s the ideal time to reflect on the experiences you enjoyed and the times you spent laughing and embracing new adventures. By being around their spirit and embracing their memories, you will quickly find that Valentine’s Day becomes a day that you can accept and respect.
Purchase Some Jewellery
Losing a loved one is challenging but remembering them in the right way is vital to ensuring that things become as easy as possible for you. Memorial jewellery is something that you can use to keep your loved ones close. After their cremation, you might still be in possession of their ashes. You might be wondering what to do with the ashes and whether to scatter them somewhere special or have them placed in a cemetery of your choosing. However, why not consider creating ashes Jewellery?
This remembrance jewellery is ideal for keeping your loved ones close. You will always have a reminder of them and you never truly have to say goodbye. Furthermore, it will also become a piece of jewellery that you can pass to your children or other family members over time. The jewellery will have sentimental value and you’ll never have to worry about doing the right thing with their ashes.
Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to remember the closeness of loved ones.

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