Personalised Engravings - New to Nicky Robin - Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery

Personalised Engravings - New to Nicky Robin

Today we have introduced our beautiful collection of personalised engravings. Starting with our range of ashes urn necklaces that are made from high quality polished stainless steel and can hold a small amount of cremation ashes inside.

Our engraved jewellery can be created with a special message, name, date, signature handwriting, doodles and drawings, handprints, footprints, fingerprints, paw prints and even soundwaves in remembrance of a loved one or beloved pet. 

Further down the line we will be expanding our collections to pendants and bracelets of varying designs and colours. Each with the option to incorporate prints and messages to create that special keepsake gift.

Each jewellery piece will be unique to the wearer with the ability to designi Your jewellery, Your Way!

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