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Making Ashes Jewellery: Techniques and Styles

At Nicky Robin, we specialise in memorial jewellery – a method of preserving your memories of a loved one in a stunning and timeless piece of wearable art.  There are lots of different ways to make memorial jewellery, though they all have a few key principles in common. Let’s take a quick look at the methods used at Nicky Robin to forge these beautiful items…  

Using Cremation Ashes, Hair And Fur

This is an ever-popular and modern method for forging memorial jewellery. It uses cremation ashes from the loved one and fuses them with a special super-strong polymer, ensuring longevity and keeping them safe. This type of jewellery is often found in pendants and necklaces but has also become increasingly used in other styles such as rings and bracelets.  

The polymer is carefully placed and moulded into the right shape by a process called layering.  During the layering process the polymer is fused with the ashes and each layer is then left to cure. Every jewellery design at Nicky Robin is custom-made on request, giving that extra edge of special to the order.  

Working With Ashes And Hair  

As with all aspects of making cremation jewellery, the process must be both respectful and precise. Skilled practitioners will understand they are handling the remains of a loved one and treat the process with the correct amount of reverence and respect. Each of our designs at Nicky Robin is handcrafted by lead designer Nicola, who has developed her talents and precision for making these items both infinitely wearable and ultra-durable.  

Long-Lasting Designs  

The designs at Nicky Robin are carefully created to be wearable all year round and for a wide variety of different occasions. It is likely that after ordering a piece, whether for yourself or others, you will want to wear it often – and so designs can be made in a selection of fantastic colours and shapes ideally suited to all tastes.  

Sending Ashes 

There are lots of different ways to send ashes or hair to us at Nicky Robin, and we are always happy to discuss any individual requirements you may have throughout the process. Our sending and delivery options are safe and secure, so you’ll never have to worry about losing these precious items.  

Free Delivery  

In addition, designs are delivered free of charge (UK only) from our base in the UK, providing yet one less thing to worry about when placing your order.  

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