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How Ashes Jewellery Is Made

There are many different ways to craft ashes jewellery, also known as cremation jewellery, and all vary in cost, durability and craftsmanship.  While some place ashes into glass, the more affordable and durable is resin.  Resin is especially strong, hard-wearing and UV resistant and will not crack or smash, unlike glass, but finding the right one is really important, especially with the nature of memorial keepsakes.  

Ashes jewellery at Nicky Robin is made with a specially formulated polymer that is hard-wearing, durable and UV resistant.  Our range of ashes keepsakes include ashes charms, ashes earrings, ashes bracelets, ashes lockets, ashes ringsashes necklaces and a range designed especially for men. We put extra sparkle into all of our pieces with full peace of mind from ordering to receiving your beautiful finished piece.

Crafting Ashes Jewellery

The process of making your ashes jewellery is always carried out respectfully, with full understanding of how precious the individual who has been lost is to the recipient. Every piece of jewellery is crafted with care, paying close attention to the details and handling the ashes or hair of the deceased with precision and skill.

We only require a small amount of ashes, hair or fur in order to make the jewellery, which is blended with your colour of choice to create a durable polymer piece which has a bright, glossy appearance. The polymer used to make each item retains its sheen, and also helps to protect the inclusions such as ashes, hair and fur within, again acknowledging how precious these materials are. We only use the best materials and pride ourselves in using sustainable materials wherever possible including our eco gift boxes and outer packaging.

The ‘for him’ range incorporates both sterling silver and stainless steel pieces, offering a slightly different aesthetic which is no less impressive. By taking into account the specific wishes of each client, every order is custom made and provides a distinctive way to commemorate the deceased while keeping them close in a beautiful piece of jewellery which is unique to the individual.

Due to the fact that every ashes jewellery piece has been crafted in-house, customers can rely on the great attention to detail which is poured into each shipment.

Appearance And Design

There are many beautiful colours to choose from, and the finished product is not only durable to damage and wear and tear, but also UV resistant – making it suitable for everyday wear. This will be particularly important to those who want to keep their loved one close after they have passed or gift a unique keepsake to others who have lost someone dear to them. Once completed, the ashes, hair or fur are safely and permanently stored within the jewellery.

Each piece from Nicky Robin also comes complete with a Nicky Robin branded gift box, a certificate of authenticity and jewellery polishing cloth, to help the items keep their lustre.

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