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Father's Day Gift Ideas

It can be a really difficult decision when deciding on the perfect memorial gift for Father's Day.  Whether that be as a gift for your dad, or a gift for someone in remembrance of a beloved father whom has passed away, it takes careful consideration and time for something so sensitive and delicate.  To help you decide, we have gathered some of our most favourite remembrance gifting ideas.


Memorial Jewellery

As one of our favourites and obviously one we have poured our own heart and souls into is memorial jewellery.  There are many beautiful designs of memorial jewellery for men available today, including ashes jewellery creating rings, necklaces and cufflinks for men with cremation ashes or hair set inside.   At Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery we offer a range of beautiful ashes jewellery for men.

Another form of memorial ashes jewellery are self fill pendants which you are able to place ashes inside yourself.  These are mostly available in stainless steel and sterling silver and are available in a vast range of designs.

Engravings for handprints, fingerprints, footprints, signature, names and photos are a great choice if you are not comfortable with parting with a loved ones ashes.  This type of personalised jewellery has been around for a long time, however is becoming more and more popular as more businesses include these within their product collections.


Memory Bears

A memory bear is fairly new with only a few specialised companies crafting these.  These are an unusual yet beautiful gift idea.  You can create a bear to hold cremation ashes inside, or have a piece of your fathers clothing recreated into a bear for you to hold and cherish.


Planting a Flower or Tree

Another way to remember dad is to plant his favourite tree or flowers. This is something that you can keep in your own garden and something you can see every day as it grows and blooms. 

If your dad loves gardening then offering a plant that was special to someone he has lost in remembrance together with a special message or verse is a beautiful idea so he can nurture and watch it grow.


Gathering Family

Getting the family together on Father's Day to remember loved ones is a wonderful opportunity to share stories and memories.  You could gather at a special place, go for a meal, meet in someones home and have a few drinks and food and reminisce over the good times, laugh and cry about the silly times.


These are just some of our ideas for Father's Day gifts and remembrance.  We hope you have found them useful and can find comfort in whatever way you choose to celebrate this Father's Day.

Love Nicky Robin Memorial Jewellery x

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